Pin-Up’s Against Bullying


I am excited and honoured to be a part of something amazing. I am going to be involved with Pin-up’s Against Bullying and I am “Global ambassador for Pin-up’s Against Bullying and England Chapter Advocate”.

Pin-up’s Against Bullying was founded by Mrs “T” Marie. The mission of Pin-up’s Against Bullying is simple – to help raise awareness, through a variety of social media connections, that bullying is wrong and will not be tolerated.

As you know, I am a firm believer of promoting body confidence and body positivity and encourage others to love their body and be proud of who they are. I do not agree with any form of body shaming whether that is #fatshaming or #skinnyshaming. Everyone deserves to feel loved and everyone deserves to feel beautiful!

Pin-Up’s Against Bullying educates, offers advice and support relating to all bullying, body shaming and other negative ideals society has enforced. They are a fabulous support network to those who need it.

Pin-Up’s Against Bullying firmly believe that together, through positive thoughts, words, actions and behaviours we can make a substantial impact against bullying.

You can find Pin-Up’s Against Bullying on Instagram by searching the hashtag #pinupsagainstbullying


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