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Spiritual well-being

Taking care of your spiritual well-being is a journey of self discovery which allows you to learn many new principles, life changing techniques and mantras along the way. This journey of self discovery can ignite, excite, energise and empower you. It can also re-ignite that creative spark which had become a dim flicker, threatening to burn out.

Over the summer I took a blogging hiatus. I gave myself time to relax, recharge my batteries and get my priorities straight. It gave me time to shift my focus and direction on what I wanted for myself. This also gave me the chance to detach from negative situations and environments I had found myself becoming more involved with than I wanted to be. Taking a break gave me time to gain clarity and realise these situations were doing nothing for my mind, body and spirit.

That article also referred to one I previously wrote for Wear Your Voice Magazine about how it is important to find ways to rediscover and love yourself. Giving yourself the breathing space to rediscover what is important to you and what makes your soul happy is something I believe firmly in and put into practice. You can read that article here

I have always been a spiritual person although I am not religious. Over the past few months I have found myself revisiting the need to take care of not only my physical health, but also my spiritual well-being. I have also examined areas where I have needed to do some emotional healing.

Emotional healing is a practice that I have been putting in place as this too contributes towards your spiritual well-being. Negativity does nothing but drain me and actually has a knock on effect with my physical health quite quickly. I absorb any energy very quickly and anything negative, detrimental or of ill feeling is not what I want around me. Distancing myself from any negative situation (whether my own or someone else’s) instantly stops the feeling of being suffocated by that engulfing black blanket of misery. I believe strongly in self love and self worth and want to attract as much positivity as I send out. I recently came across this article on Emotional Healing by Stephen Connor in the “Healer” magazine and thought it was simply brilliant.

I take inspiration from a few different spiritual beliefs, practices and concepts. I find myself grounded when I am with nature. The beach is one of my favourite places. I can sit and watch the ocean for hours. I enjoy being amongst the trees and feeling the grass under my bare feet. I find great power and beauty when watching a sunset. I am in awe of the moon and the stars. I often sit outside on an evening embracing the peace and quiet of a still evening. I enjoy feeling that final bit of warmth from the sun on my face before the night sky appears, bringing with it the hypnotic twinkle of the stars.

I find that meditation helps to create inner peace. I am an anxiety sufferer and meditation helps to ground me and decreases my stress levels. I am aware that I have developed a better sleeping pattern since starting meditation. Meditation is fabulous as it can be done anywhere where you feel comfortable enough to practice it. I recently went on holiday to Portugal and did meditation on the plane whilst we were descending to land. I also did some meditation on the beach whilst the sun was rising.

I do several different meditations depending on what mood I am in. I often do a Chakra meditation visualising each of my chakras opening like tulips, or a Ho’oponopono meditation which is based on the Huna Principles. This Ho’oponopono meditation teaches you how to have forgiveness to help with the fulfillment of life.

I like how Ho’oponopono talks about the implication of carrying around unnecessary baggage of anger, hate and negative emotions. This is a burden of problems we should not have to carry around with us. It teaches how you can forgive and forget so that you can move forward with your life without dragging our past with us. This is something a lot of us have done for many years.

The Huna Principles apparently originate from the Hawaiian philosophy of life, although there is some scepticism about where Huna actually does originate from. However, I was still drawn to these principles as I think they are a simple, basic but beautiful way to live your life.

These 7 principles are similar to what we should all practice whatever our beliefs. The world would be much more peaceful and we would all live in harmony if we practiced treating others with respect, love and kindness.

I also like to have things around me that raise my positive spirit. I have particular items in my home such as candles, incense burners, dream-catchers, wind chimes, crystals and I even have some tarot cards. I bought these in 2010 and forgot I had them until recently when I found them in a cupboard. These cards have beautiful images on them and I find them uplifting.

I have found that taking care of my spiritual well-being has had a positive and uplifting affect. I like that I have the choice to “mix and match” my meditations, principles and mantras. In the eyes of some, it might not be as “consistent” or as “rigid” as believing solely in one thing, principle or a specific religion but I like to choose what works for me.

I am forever learning and forever growing. I like to spread my wings and soak up as much positive influence as possible. I like what I am learning about life, myself and others along the way. I am doing this to nurture my soul, my mind, body and spirit.

I am embracing the journey that I am on.

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