About me

About me

I am a British chick in my thirties and I am all about living a positive life filled with light, love and laughter. I enjoy travelling, taking photographs, experimenting with boho, pin-up and vintage fashion, tattoos and going on vacation.

I practice positive thinking and embracing the joy of living in the moment. I find inspiration in Mother Nature, especially the beach. Life can bring us some tough times and dark cloudy days and I make sure to treasure those “uncloudy days” –  Uncloudy definition: not covered by clouds, not darkened or obscured.

I am a keen writer and have had several articles and columns published under the pseudonym Evelyn Jo. I have had regular columns/features in Hell on Heels Magazine, Vintage Eye Magazine and Patriotic Pin Up Magazine. I have also had several articles published as a freelance writer for Wear Your Voice Magazine.

I have been interviewed by Love Liberty and Lip Gloss which is a radio show in the US. I have been featured in Vintage Life Magazine, Poisonous Pinups Magazine and I have had one of my articles cross-posted on Everyday Feminism.

I have previously helped to promote the anti-bullying message with Pin-up’s Against Bullying.  I was also involved with Dames for Dreams and also ChooseReal Campaign to help empower and inspire the younger generation of women.

You can find my little positive corner of the universe over on Instagram or you can contact me by email – thoseuncloudydays@gmail.com.



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