Philadelphia 2017

We went to Philadelphia for a few days in October 2017. Whilst we were there, we visited New York, attended a wedding and went to see Guns n Roses. 

We flew into JFK in New York because the cost of the flight was only £380 compared to nearly £700 to fly direct.

From JFK, we caught trains to Philadelphia. It made the journey that little bit longer but there was a big reduction in cost. It was also an adventure to see a bit of America via public transport.

The weather in October was nearly 30 degrees celsius which was beautiful compared to the cold weather back home in England! We spent time sat outside soaking up the sun, having a few beers and watching the world go by.

We visited the city of Philadelphia and saw some of the typical tourist attractions. We also went to see Guns n Roses at the Wells Fargo Centre which was amazing. After being a fan for lots of years, the closest I had got to seeing some of the original line up was Velvet Revolver in Manchester back in 2008. Seeing GnR live whilst in America is definitely up there in my top ten favourite moments!

We had an amazing time in Philly with our friends and we attended a beautiful wedding ceremony. We stayed with locals for a few days and were able to partake in their “American lifestyle”. We also made new friends and acquaintances. Overall, we had a blast!



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