About me

I am a British chick in my thirties and I am all about living a positive life filled with light, love and laughter. I enjoy travelling, taking photographs, experimenting with pin-up fashion, tattoos and taking vacations.

I am a firm believer in promoting body confidence and body positivity. I like to encourage loving your body the way it is. I also like to encourage positive thinking and empowering others to be more confident within themselves.

I am a keen writer and have had several articles and columns published under the pseudonym Evelyn Jo. I have a regular column in Hell on Heels Magazine as well as assisting with their social media admin. I have previously been a contributor / feature writer for Vintage Eye Magazine  and Patriotic Pin Up MagazineI have also had several articles published as a freelance writer for Wear Your Voice Magazine.

I have been interviewed by Love Liberty and Lip Gloss which is a radio show in the US. I have been featured in Vintage Life Magazine, Poisonous Pinups Magazine and I have had one of my articles cross-posted on Everyday Feminism.

I actively help to promote the anti-bullying message as an Advocate (previously Global Ambassador) for Pin-up’s Against Bullying.  I am currently involved with Dames for Dreams  as a Dignitary Dame (previously I was their Global Ambassador) to help empower and inspire the younger generation of women. I am also an Advocate for ChooseReal Campaign which encourages young girls and women that they are more than enough just as they are.

You can find my little positive corner of the universe over on Instagram!



4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. hello ms Evelyn Jo ,
    this is the first time i visited your website –
    I only follow you and others like yourself is because at present times there is too much of glitter in many things we see on media–

    Your taste and preferences are simple and distinct as it takes one back in time-
    Your fashion prefernces stands out from others and it has its uniquness —

    too much fashion is like adding more teaspoons of sugar in coffee–

    hope the world becomes simple –


    Wazir Khan
    Pakistan –

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  2. Hello Evelyn Jo, your page is inspiring The Love and compassion behind era that we all have much love for and it shows here on your page. I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the true essence of sisterhood. Looking forward in reading more. Kind regards Enza

    Liked by 1 person

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