When I was about 18 I dyed my hair from light brown to black. I was black for about 17 years when in 2017 I decided to go red and get bangs! Big change! Whilst the bangs only lasted a few months before I decided to grow them out, I still love being an honorary red head!

I love experimenting with different hairstyles and use a variety of tools and products.

My hair is naturally thick and heavy and I have it cut every few months where I have a good few inches chopped off the ends and some layers put into it.

For work, I usually put my hair into a quick 50’s style quiff as it only takes a couple of minutes and I usually don’t have a lot of time on a morning. I just twist the front and pin in place with bobby pins and give a quick blast of hairspray.

I only wash my hair twice a week as I find anymore than that and my hair becomes very dry. Vintage styles are also easier to do on hair that is not freshly washed. The hair is easier to hold in place with the natural grease and build up of products, as gross as that sounds! I find that sectioning my hair with a side parting and the creating “quiffs” on the side of the head achieves this nice 1940’s look, which only takes 5 minutes to do. The greasier the hair, the easier this stays in place!

If I am having a “can’t be bothered with doing my hair” day I will put a quiff or a roll at the front and cover with a bandana, in a Rosie the Riveter style! If I am having a lazy or more casual day I might just wear my hair down or in a low ponytail. This helps to give my hair a rest from products and heat!

I love a good bright headscarf. Simply pin your hair at the back and add a roll or quiff to the front. Secure the scarf in place with bobby pins. I love experimenting with hair flowers as I love the 1950’s Hawaiian look. My favourite hair flower is from Vivien of Holloway. I also love snoods. This red snood was from Vivian of Holloway and the look below only takes a few minutes to achieve. A Heidi Roll, where you twist the hair at the back of your head to create a U-Shape is another quick and easy look that only takes a few moments.

I don’t have a fringe (or bangs) so I often substitute by using a donut bun which I cut in half to achieve that “Bettie Bangs” look. I just roll the front part of my hair around it and secure in place with bobby pins. I like to finish this look with a brightly coloured headscarf. I also have one of those ponytail hair extensions that clips into your hair. It’s nice to add a bit of length to your hair without the hassle of having really long and thick hair!

I often backcomb my hair to achieve some height to the front part when doing a curl set. When doing a curl set, I always use a setting lotion because my hair is heavy and thick. I have tried to do sets without a setting lotion and always find I get a much better result when I do use it. I am a fan of Bristows and Lottabody. These can be found on websites such as Amazon. I find that my hair curls better when I have had it cut. It does shoot up a few inches too once curled!

I often use heated rollers and I have two sets of Babyliss Hot Rollers. The rollers have grooves and indents in them to help hold the hair in place. These rollers take about 5 minutes to heat up. I usually leave them in my hair for about 45 minutes to ensure they have fully cooled down before removing them.

I have Scunci Foam Rollers which I use when I do a wet set. I don’t fully soak my hair, I just spray each individual section that will be rolled with a setting lotion. This just allows for the hair to have a bit of dampness to it without being soaking wet.

Usually when doing a wet set, I will spray each individual section of hair that is to be rolled with a setting lotion. I then put the foam roller in my hair and once all the rollers are in, I will wrap my hair in a headscarf. This just protects your hair from becoming frizzy and the rollers coming lose if you decide to sleep in your rollers. I often do this and whilst the rollers are foam and quite comfortable, you can feel them pulling your hair a little as you toss and turn during the night!

If it is the weekend and I am going out in the evening, I might put the rollers in my hair in the morning so they have the entire day to dry. This works if I don’t have to go anywhere and can just literally sit on the sofa with my hair drying naturally all day! If you did have to leave the house to run errands, you could just cover the rollers with a headscarf for that “vintage look”!

I recently bought a Babyliss Hood Dryer which I love! This saves so much time when doing a wet set as you only need to sit under the dryer for about 30-45 minutes depending on how damp and thick your hair is. You just sit under the dryer rather than sleep in the rollers or wait your hair to dry naturally.

I don’t really follow any particular rule when it comes to putting the rollers in my hair. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. I just put them in any old how and see how my hair decides to behave once I have removed the rollers. Some days I achieve a look just by removing the rollers and I don’t have to do any teasing.

I use Murray’s Pomade to help smooth down any frizz and to tease the curls into place. I always finish off with a good strong hairspray. I recently purchased some very fine hairnets by Jac-O-Net. These are also known as invisible hairnets. You put these on your hair once you have styled it into place. These hairnets help to keep your finished “do” in place and protect from the wind!

Below is a quick Flipagram video which shows before and after results of doing a wet set under the hood dryer!

I also like to use Scunci foam rollers to get a curly rock chick look. I put the rollers in an either sleep in them over night or sit under my hood dryer for about 90 minutes. I then take out the rollers and break up the curls using my fingers to give them a bit of volume.



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Get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or tips of your own! I always love to hear from you and you can never have enough tips and tricks!

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