When I was about 18 I dyed my hair from light brown to black. I was black for about 17 years when in 2017 I decided to go red and get bangs! Big change! Whilst the bangs only lasted a few months before I decided to grow them out, I still love being an honorary red head!


I love experimenting with different hairstyles and use a variety of tools and products. My hair is naturally thick and heavy and I have it cut every few months where I have a good few inches chopped off the ends and some layers put into it.

I use hair extensions if I decide I want to have extra long hair for the day. I will use Scunci Foam Rollers if I decide I want curls (either vintage or rock chick) and if I can’t be bothered doing anything, I will simply wear a baseball cap or a headscarf!

I love putting my hair into a 1940s or 1950s style and achieve this with rollers, my hood dryer and lots of setting lotion! I also like to wear hair flowers and love the whole 1950s Hawaiian vibe!

Check out the gallery below for the different hairstyles I like to experiment with. Below is also a quick Flipagram video which shows before and after results of doing a wet set under the hood dryer!

Get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or tips of your own! I always love to hear from you and you can never have enough tips and tricks!

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