Visit to Cornwall

We have visited Cornwall twice now and stayed near St Ives.

Cornwall is absolutely stunning. The beaches are beautiful and if you are lucky to get nice weather, they have quite a tropical look to them with aqua coloured water.

Cornwall is an amazing place to explore, relax, play and have fun. There is a lot of history and some places, streets and buildings have a very atmospheric feel to them.

Below are some images of our previous stays.

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Visit to New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia

I went to America in 2007 by myself to visit some friends and stayed with one of them in New Jersey.

During my ten day stay, I explored the city of New York by commuting in from New Jersey, visited Philadelphia and also New Hope.

I also visited Belmar beach which was a glorious 94 degrees at 10am in the morning!

During my stay, we went to see Maroon 5 at Madison Square Garden as well as doing all the usual touristy things!

Below is a gallery of some images during my stay.

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Visit to Greece

We went to Kefalos, Greece in 2012. We stayed at the Pantheon, a studio apartment complex at the top of a hill which provided us with beautiful views.

We went in August and the weather was scorching hot. This allowed us to spend a week relaxing by the pool, lazing on the beach and indulging in fabulous food and a cold beer or two!

We hired a car whilst we were there and drove around the island which was a great way to see more of the sights.

We also swam out to the island in the sea, climbed the rocks and rang the bell in the church which is a bit of a tradition.

Below are some photos of our week in Greece.

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Photograph album found in an antiques auction house

At the weekend I visited Elsecar Heritage Centre with some friends. I came across this album in the auction house. It was for sale for £10. The album is leather with gold leaf edging and weighs a ton.

The album contains some photos which date back to the 1920s. Some of the photographs are missing and the album contains names, dates and locations. There are also some handwritten notes on pieces of paper and envelopes – one of which contains a lock of hair from “Baby Shirley at 2 years old”. The address on the envelope is one in Harrogate, Yorkshire.


The locations on some of the photographs are of the East Coast of England ie Scarborough and Bridlington. Some photos are also of Ripon, Harrogate, Bournemouth, Malton and Knaresborough.

Inside the front cover is the inscription “The Family Album, R & S Thompson 1945.” One of the photos has the following information “Rachel Thompson was nanny to this little boy, Teddy Lightowler in the 1920’s. He lived in Bournemouth and Rachel adored him.” On the back on another photograph are the words “Beautiful, sweet Rachel Annie Thompson. Taken in Bournemouth in 1927 – age 21.”

There are various photographs of the following people, Shirley, Leonard, Rae, George S Thompson and Olive – to name a few.

I have uploaded pictures of the album below. You can click on each one to view it in more detail.

It would be nice to trace some of the family in these photographs because this album is too precious and beautiful not to be treasured. I couldn’t leave it behind so brought it home with me. Please feel free to share this blog feature in the hope of tracing the family connected to those in these photos.



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