This is me and my Naked Face…

I had a great response to my request for pictures where you happy and confident enough to go makeup free.

I am hoping that together, along with my other blog feature “Together we are body confident” we can continue to help spread the body confidence and body positivity message, where we can encourage others to feel more body confident in themselves. Hopefully we can also help to stop the body shaming and bullying.

Here are the picture submissions* I received from people all over the world who show that they are comfortable and confident to go makeup free and show their “naked face”.

*disclaimer – The photos below have been submitted by the individual participants for the sole purpose of being used for this blog feature. All rights are reserved to the original owner* 

Dionne, 30 – “My “without” picture is at a mud run. My “with” picture is for a family night out. I’ve been told I have a happy smile! But personally I love my dimples! I am happy to go without make-up as I feel you should be happy within the skin you’re given. However I also like to make an effort to dress up and do my face and hair to make the best of what I was given!”


Marie, 24 – “Since having my son I don’t have much time for make up but when I do wear it, it makes me feel good about myself. I’m happy to not wear make up at times because I feel confident without it. I have a big smile and unusual colour eyes which people point out without make up on. My sister always told me that my smile is all the make up I need. I hope a lot of people read your blog and feel confident with and without make up.”


Nav, 27 – “I would have to say my best feature is my eyes. They are big and my little boy tells me I have Disney Princess eyes. I’m happy to go make up free cause I know regardless of wearing make up or not I feel beautiful, I am the same person with or without it.”


Dawn, 33 – “I’m happy to go make up free because I am who I am I don’t need makeup to prove I have a great heart and I like my eyes.”


Fran, 24 – “I think that I have two best features; my eyes and my smile. My eyes, because for the first time in many years I am confident enough to make eye contact with people. I spent so many years with downcast eyes, avoiding the gaze of others because I was afraid of seeing the pity in their eyes – but not any more, I can face society bravely and boldly. And, my smile. My smile had always been somewhat forced, not due to disingenuity, but because often I felt uncomfortable in every situation. I was so utterly self-conscious that even the most simple of things, such as a smile, seemed unattainable to me – but my god has that changed. I am comfortable to go make-up free because I don’t want to be a slave to society. I refuse to be told that my face isn’t good enough and that I’ll only be valued when I have foundation and a slick of eyeliner to mask the face I was born with. There is nothing wrong with baring all, if you find the strength to rid yourself of make up you’ll find that your skin can breathe, you can breathe – and I’m not changing that for anyone.”


Lindsay, 17 – “So this is quite a big thing for me, I love, love, love make up but what’s even better is being able to take your make up off and chill out, I smile when I wipe my make up off, and peel the lashes off and unpin my hair. So what do I like about my face? Well I love my nose, I always have. I also like how blue my eyes are they are almost cartoon like, what I thinks really important though is picking out what you don’t like about yourself and still being confident, I dislike my skin, I have acne but that doesn’t mean I’m less attractive then anyone else, I also dislike that I have a lazy eye but trust me, people still stare into them. This is me and my naked face.”


Cacao Papow, 27 – “I rarely have time to wear make-up. I’m usually out of the door by 6.20am. Working with children seems to make having a bare face less of an issue – no one really cares. I love transforming into a pin-up – it’s fun! It’s still me, just a little different.”


Jennifer – “I’ve always had a hard time praising anything about my appearance because I have very low self-esteem. It’s probably only within the last year or so that I have embraced the body positive movement and I’m learning to accept myself. So, with that said, I think that my best feature is my eyes. I think that the color is pretty and that they are very expressive.”


Helen, 32 – “Now I don’t usually show my face without makeup BUT tbh I’ve grown tired of thinking “what will others think” if people don’t like me tough lol!”


Lynsay – “I never used to wear much make up and still learning! However, when I look at photos of myself without, I look washed out. I feel soooo much better with…my hair as well! I cut it all off last year as I hated not knowing what to do with it. Now I’m growing it because I absolutely love playing with it and love looking do different to everyone else!”


Jane, 33 – “I’m happy to go make up free as I feel quite liberated bare faced. I get my wellies on & walk my dog & enjoy the outdoors. I live not far from York so go & disappear on the racecourse or down the river with a mad spaniel. Its my chill time.”


Charlotte, 28 – “I’m confident to go make up free because I just don’t care what people think of how I look; I’m happy and confident with the way I look even if others aren’t. I rarely wear make up, and love having my freckles on show to the world. I think I look older with make up on, and at 28 I enjoy being ID’d to buy a bottle of wine with my make up free face.”


Katie, 31 – “These are my pictures with and without makeup. Best feature I would say is my eye colour. The non makeup mad hair ones are taken to post on Facebook. Back in April, we very suddenly and tragically lost our best friend. So my friend and I post a picture to each other every morning to say, ‘still here, keep laughing’ sort of thing.”


Missmozzydee (@missmozzydee) 32 – “I feel happy going makeup free because I am comfortable in the way my smile presents my personality. I was blessed with it, and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s donning my red lipstick! I love expressing myself through makeup, but I’m confident in my natural attributes too!”


KirstieMyDear, 23 – “I think my best facial feature is my eyes. They’re big and round and are amazing at expressing how I feel inside. I’m confident to go without makeup because I feel beautiful with or without it. I love getting all dolled up, but sometimes I just want to go bare-faced. I have no qualms about showing my naked face to the world – women are beautiful either way. I don’t wear makeup to hide imperfections, but to enhance my features and express myself creatively. I think when makeup is viewed as a mode of expression, rather than a mask, then women will feel much more comfortable being themselves.”


Miss_Amy_May (@miss_amy_may, 29 – “We get told as women that our faces are a selling point and we should all present it made up and polished to be noticed, appreciated and respected. But on the flip side, we’re judged if we wear ‘too much’ makeup or the ‘wrong kind.’ We’re told also, as we glimpse cosmetic advertisements everywhere we look, that we should be ‘natural’ to be truly beautiful. What it comes down to, really, is that people and companies try to control and profit from you and your insecurities. But your face is your own and you don’t need to wear or give up wearing anything you don’t want to. It can be hard, because of these mixed messages we’re fed, to learn to love our naked faces for exactly what they are. Mine has short, fine lashes, a long nose, a pointy chin, and is almost never blemish free. It took me until my early 20s to see the beauty in myself equally both with and without makeup; whether I’m naked faced or covered in cosmetics, I still have pale skin, a cheek mole I love, dark eyes, and a big smile, all things I love about myself and am loved for as they represent ‘me’ to those who cherish my personality and soul. It’s important you allow yourself the room to be as natural or as aesthetically creative as you feel like being, for you alone, and I hope you can recognise that the only thing wrong with your naked face is that anyone else or any company could ever possibly feel they have any right to lay judgement upon it.”


Anita, 48 – “I am quite happy to go make up free…but do feel that the 50s style needs makeup. I think my best feature is my smile. I like to wear makeup but I would be fairly confident without it. I probably wear more makeup now as i think it suits my style :)”


Lexi (@end_body_shame), 28 – “The first picture is me with no makeup just after I washed and moisturized it. The second is me all dolled up. I honestly put on makeup because I love all things girly. However, you will see me around town without it all the time though. I’m not putting it on to go to the store and I’m not putting it on if I don’t feel like it. It’s hot as hell in Louisiana plus makeup is expensive. I love my whole face in general. My eyes, my skin, my lips…I just wouldn’t change a thing. Just the other day I was in the mall with no makeup on and several people stopped me to tell me how beautiful my skin or face looked. I was astonished but said thanks. I get daily compliments on my done up face so it’s nice to hear some positive feedback on my makeup free face. I’m confident to go makeup free because I really do love my skin. Also the idea that you have to absolutely look a certain way to be accepted is petty and absurd. Embrace your bare face, ladies!”


Meredith – “With or without makeup, I am still the same person. I honestly like me better without because when I cake the makeup on, I feel like I’m selling a lie. This is not what I look like when I wake up or go to sleep. This may be an enhancement but why? I feel I am unique enough to let my hair be frizzy, to let my freckles show. They are what I was born with and why is that not enough? Media has been cruel to women. We do not dress up for men, we are in a competition with our own gender. We need to stop competing and build each other up, before the standard is raised so high, our younger generation will collapse on itself trying to achieve the impossible. Be kind. Even if it’s a compliment on someone else’s style, their choice in dress, that they are beautiful in a unique way, we as women need to start supporting each other before no one can fit the norm and all progress as feminists and women is lost. Being beautiful is completely possible by just being yourself.”


Monica – “I don’t have pictures with me wearing make up because, I honestly do not think I look good with a bunch of make up. I love my natural look. I’m actually opposite of most girls. I feel like a lot of makeup makes me feel ugly. Or maybe I just do not put make up on good lol.”


Skye – “I am confident to go without makeup because makeup does not define me, my accomplishments do! I am looking forward to graduating college this year and can’t wait! As for my best feature I think that would be my big eyes lol I love them ❤️”


Anna, 29 – “Most of the time I have no make up. Because I feel not ashamed of being natural. Usually it’s just a lipstick and mascara but if nothing I’m quite confident too.”


Grace – “My best feature would have to be my eyes. My eyes are exactly the same as my grandmother’s eyes and she is one of the most courageous people I know. Underneath all the glamour is someone who is flawed, passionate, inspired, eccentric, vulnerable, loyal, etc. I know who I am and that’s why I am confident to go without makeup.”


Hanna, 29 – “I was having a massive flu when I took these pics, enormous bags under eyes, dry skin and stuff going on, but still I love my skin, pale and freckled. (Freckles were though a thing I was bullied for…) And I’ve always loved my eyes (Green/grey, bright green when crying! 😀 ) Then the extra pic, my work face, and the party face!”


Melissa – “As long as I take care of my skin and stay hydrated I don’t feel like make up is necessary.”


Laura, 34 – “Happy to go make-up free because I boycotted makeup for a couple years in my twenties. I was uncomfortable leaving the house without it and I didn’t like that. I started wearing it again when I missed it and wanted to wear it for fun! Now it is just a choice like what color to wear :)”


Nikki, 31- “Natural and all prettied up. It’s me.”


Becky, 31 – “I didn’t even start wearing makeup until my 20s. I have thin lips and my teeth aren’t the whitest. In makeup pics I tend to smile small so you can only see the lip color. On the left I was on a margarita cruise, having an awesome (makeup free) time, as my giant smile shows! Without makeup I don’t worry about my lips or teeth, I just say “cheese”!”


Amy (Burlesque Name Brazen Bijoux), 31 – ” I’ve never had a problem going make up free, sometimes it actually feels nice to have fresh air on your bare skin and at times I actually feel more youthful! I use make up as a hobby so I love accentuating the features I like. For example I have green eyes and dark brunette hair so in summer when I have a tan my eyes really stand out and other times it’s great to do slick feline eyes with big fake lashes. I think make up can really represent your mood as well so it’s always fun to experiment. Bare faced and beautiful or glammed up and gorgeous. Whatever floats your boat, it works.”


Ivy, (@missvintageivy) 23 – “As much as I love makeup and dressing up for modeling, I will always prefer a clean, makeup free look now. I’m comfortable in my own skin again. The moment that changed everything is when I went out without makeup and I saw myself in the mirror and thought “I look awful!” But in reality, I was too used to wearing makeup, I wasn’t confident without it. I was upset I would put myself down like that and think that way. I decided to go makeup free except when there’s special occasions. I began to realize I’m beautiful just how I am and makeup only will enhance that beauty, but I didn’t NEED to wear it. My skin has been healthier and brighter now. My best features to me are my eyes and my smile, I let those be my confidence now and let people see me as I am. Makeup is a fun, creative art form and enhances every girls features, but I want them to know, they are beautiful even without it.”


Lindsay (@MsLindsayM), 31 – “People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.”


Shayaunna (@shayracha on instagram), 23 years old – “My favorite physical feature is my eyes, but I’m pretty happy with my entire self. While I love using makeup to express myself or play around; I don’t ever feel like I need it. I’m happy and confident going makeup free because while I’m a very body positive person, I know how I physically look isn’t the most important thing in the world. Wearing makeup won’t make me kind, it won’t make me a better person. Only I can do that, and I can do it with or without makeup. To me, makeup is a hobby; not a necessity. I feel beautiful without it because I act beautifully without it.”


Flick, 37 – “I rarely go makeup free…in fact, that picture on the right is probably the least make-up anyone will see me wear outside the house!!!”


Alyssa – “I go makeup free sometimes because I feel it’s healthier for the skin to sleep without makeup on, as I’ve heard people talk that you get acne that way. I have yet to see acne so I’ll keep going makeup free every night! (unless I forget or too tired to take makeup off) haha.”


Brittany, 25 (@britty_leigh – “I LOVE getting dolled up. I do it for ME because it makes me feel sparkly and glamorous; however, I don’t put on my “face” everyday. It’s possibly more rare to find me dolled up, actually. I work in a very casual setting in a home office, so I tend to choose sleep over applying mascara and painting on my brows. I may not be as sparkly, but I still feel like my beautiful, freckled-face self. Plus, my favorite feature is probably my smile, and makeup can’t really do much to make or break that, especially because the best part might just be my dimples, ha! Makeup does not make the person look good, the person makes the makeup look good (cheesy, but work with me here…). If you feel confident and radiant in your own skin, then that makes you even more beautiful than any amount of blush or lipstick will.”


Zoey, 27 – “I barely have the energy to get out of bed let alone enough energy to do my makeup for the purposes of other people’s enjoyment. Yes, I’ll admit that makeup can be fun for a girls night & it’s art for some. But, my reality has changed since becoming chronically ill, suffering from vicious symptoms that burn energy I already don’t have & cause me to bed ridden for days on end. It’s been a long road with many moments & days of weakness before I could comfortably say; I love myself & I accept myself as I am. I’ve developed an understanding that beauty is a feeling – NOT a look! I feel content with who I am therefore I’m happy to go makeup free.”


Donna, 38 – “I don’t like having my photo taken much so struggled to find some! My favourite feature is my skin tone and my freckles that keep me looking younger (although when I was a teenager I hated them) I only wear makeup at weekends because I am quite happy for people to notice when I make the effort!!”


Christi, 36 (Founder, President and CEO of Dames for Dreams – Dames for Dreams website) – “I believe my best feature is my skin followed closely by my eyes that tie with my smile. I’m the girl that doesn’t wear make-up everyday because I’m not interested in all the time it takes to get all made up. I like to fancy up when I’m on stage; like wearing what ever my alter ego Sweet’n Lo (like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce) wants to. At photo shoots I love the glamour squads that make us picture perfect. Following each of those events I clean & pamper my skin with vitamins & oils. Your skin is one of your organs, like your heart, liver & lungs. I believe it is important to take care of your skin. I use natural petroleum free skin care products. I try to use healthier choices with my “regular” make-up products Aveda, Younique, Elf, Bare Minerals are a few of the lines I tend to favor. I drink more water than most. It’s my primary source of hydration. I consume on average about a gallon of water a day or more depending on the weather & my activity. My skin is freckled and I wasn’t always proud of this. Now at the beautiful age of 36 I adore each one & notice the new arrivals. Sunblock is a huge part of my skin care. I’m confident to wear my naked face because I think happiness is what looks best on me.”


Rachel, 31 – “Photo 1, a little experiment of society perception. Totally make-up free selfie (although a sensible woman wouldn’t do it straight after a bath so I’m a bit redder than I’d like!) Photo 2 (made-up in make-up and it’s the ‘made-up’ version of myself that I present to the world) Maybe I do look ‘better’ in this one. But I don’t look as relaxed (as I wasn’t) but it’s fun putting the make-up on but honestly, I’ve had three kids, been through a divorce, had a stroke, on a cocktail of nutrient depleting medication and I am 31 years old – I don’t think my no make-up selfie is that bad, all things considered. I wish we were all just a little bit kinder to one another and a little bit more gracious to ourselves.”


Miss_Angel_Inez, 45 – “I am happy to go make up free! I believe it builds self confidence to reveal your natural self. I also have extremely sensitive skin. The less chemicals on my body, the better my skin feels. I also avoid the sun and wear a mineral based sunscreen. Although having sensitive skin can have it’s negative side, on the positive spectrum my skin is very healthy. I don’t really have wrinkles and the overall appearance of my face is pretty good. I feel very fortunate. I don’t like revealing my age, but I will tell you that I am 45. I decided to reveal my age because I want to encourage others to practice good health! Exercise, Sleep, Proper Nutrition, Don’t smoke and avoid the sun.”


Tonya (Founder of Pinups Against Bullying – Pinups Against Bullying website) – “I love to be makeup free to let my freckles breath. Cover up is just that, it covers them up. Being bullied early in life, made wish my skin was beauty mark free. It took me many years to love my skin, but that’s just it, its MY skin! Who said it’s a flaw? Who labeled freckles as the abnormal beauty standard for flawless skin? As I got older (and wiser as they say) I come to realize those who had bullied me into these insecurities had issues of there own, acne being one. Maybe they thought pointing out my uniqueness would give them a boost.”


Harriet, 17 – “I’m happy to go make up free as I feel like I’m living like the forties and saving my make up for special occasions, my best feature is my eyes because they look really nice in photographs in black and white.”


George (@fullerfigurefullerbust – “I’m happy to go make up free because I love the impact I make when I dress up and I’ve worked hard to have lovely (usually) clear skin!”


Cheyenne, 20  – “I love going makeup-less because I like reminding myself that I have natural beauty. My one freckle on my right cheek stands out, and without all the makeup, it’s more noticeable that the color of my eyes matches the color of my hair (without any dye or contacts!) And here I am with makeup! I’m a makeup artist, and each time I apply my lashes, liner, and lipstick, I’m expressing a more boldly creative part of myself. I love enhancing my features and toying with new looks!”


Lissie, 33 – “I think my best feature is my eyes, which is kinda ironic as they don’t work all that well! I work in fashion retail where we’re encouraged to wear makeup. A lot of pinup loving ladies have to save their favourite look for outside of work so I’m lucky that I’m able to style myself however I choose! Weekends mean a lazier approach for me unless I have plans. It’s quite liberating to go makeup free and I like to show my two young daughters that makeup isn’t a necessity, but a fun way of expressing yourself. For me, makeup is also a way of hiding how ill I can be (I suffer with CFS/ME). No matter how dreadful I feel on the inside, a slick of red lipstick helps me feel more human!”


Katie, 31 – “I’m happy to go make up free to show my two girls that I do believe in natural beauty. I’ve always had a good complexion and never wear foundation. I am confident to not wear make up because I think beauty is skin deep.”


Raye, 34 – “Happy to go make up free to show make up is just a tool not a beauty creator!”


Samantha, 26 – “It took me a long time to feel okay in my own skin, seeing as how I’ve has skin issues since I hit puberty (and lucky me they have yet to give up!) but as I get older I’m growing as a person into my own skin and I realize I’m going to be a mom someday and I want to personify what I want my potential daughter to become and I want my son to appreciate the true beauty of a woman not the mask she may feel she needs. I love my smile and my awkward faces, it’s all part of who I am.”


Suzy, 28 (owner of – “I’m confident nowadays going make up free because its me, I like my freckles and my blue eyes. Being make up free makes me feel good and make up is rarely worn nowadays. Love yourself!”


Roze, 27. “My eyes are by far my best feature; two separate colors of blue in one. I love makeup, experimenting and feeling pretty with it but I rarely have the time because 4 kids, 7 month old twins, a 2 yo and an 8 yo keep me fairly busy. So, it’s a good thing I’ve recently become confident with who and what I am – naked face and all. Beauty isn’t about what you look like, it’s who you are. Beauty is about the trials and pain a person goes through but still manages to stand strong. Beauty is me, makeup or not.”


Natalia, 23 – “I feel more beautiful without makeup. I love the feeling of knowing I don’t need anything to define my beauty. Beauty is on the inside and beauty is also the strength you allow yourself to have. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To me and to my future husband, I am beautiful!”


Kathleen – “I am happy to go makeup free because I am richer, stronger and smarter for this little boy being in my life. The worlds most amazing gift.”


Flippa, 40 – “At 40 years old I’m confident enough in myself to go makeup-free. I’m comfortable in my skin and I do t feel like I have to always wear makeup.”


Jillian, 34 ( – “I feel sort of…dangerous  when I wear makeup, although I don’t wear it often enough. I’m in love with everything about my natural non makeup look from my smile down to my “home-made” dimples.”


Heidi, 41 – “I love my naked face! My favourite thing is my freckles! I hated them when I was younger but as I’ve got older I can see they add character and each one is individual, which is the best way to be…individual, right? I trained as a make up artist but I still only use a limited amount. Embrace your naked face…it’s you and it’s beautiful! Freckles, spots or flaws! It’s your uniqueness and it’s perfect the way it is! I’m not perfect but who judges what perfect is??”

Kirsty, 24 (@miss_dmeanour – “This is me and my naked face. I think my best feature is my eyes as they are a pretty colour. So here is me. Makeup free, and then again with my usual amount of makeup. Usually I’m not confident without makeup and I always wear some. But now I think why? I wasn’t born wearing makeup, I am as loved first thing in the morning with sleepy dust in my eyes as I am when I’m glammed up for a shoot. I’m me. And to quote Christina Aguilera…I am beautiful.”


And finally, me…

Jo, 32 – “I never used to be comfortable when it came to leaving the house without makeup. I felt everyone was staring at me and I would rush about with my head down so I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. I felt that I had to hide my naked face so people would not judge me. Then one day I realised that I am still the same person whether I wear makeup or not! It’s all about being comfortable to love the skin you are in and to be proud to hold your head up high. If YOU love yourself, then that’s enough. That’s all that matters. I have always liked my eyes and my smile and I like them just as much with makeup, or without! This is me and my naked face.”


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