Vintage nails

The “Half moon” manicure has been around since the 1920’s. It is seen today in a variety of colours but I think red looks more classy and has a true vintage feel. I also think this look is better suited to longer nails that are oval shaped rather than short and square but that’s just my opinion!

This can be tricky to get right and takes practice. It can be a bit fiddly! I often go to the nail salon and get them done professionally, as this can be a nice treat! But if you want to have a go at them yourself, then this is what you need to do…

What you need are some French manicure strips which you stick at the bottom over your cuticle.

But first you need to shape your nails and apply a base coat. Once that is dry apply the manicure strips covering your cuticle and the bottom of the nail where the “half moon” will be.

You can then paint your nail with a colour of your choice. You can go over the manicure strip a little, just make sure not to totally cover it or get polish under the strip.

Allow your nails to dry and apply a second coat of polish if required.

Once they are totally dry, take a pair of tweezers and very slowly and carefully pull the manicure strip off from left to right and away from you.

You can then paint with a top clear coat for additional shine!

This works great on artificial nails too!

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